Cannondale Elite Race

SuperSix EVO

For the ultimate all-round race performance, the SuperSix EVO strikes the perfect balance.  Its unrivaled blend of light weight, stiffness, aerodynamics and smooth-riding compliance gives you the winning edge on every part of the race course.  Available in Black Inc, Hi-Mod and standard frames. 

Supersix Evo Black Inc.

CD Supersix Evo Black Inc

Supersix Evo HM

CD Superix Evo HM

Supersix Evo

CD Supersix Evo


When it comes to pure performance for the buck, nothing can touch CAAD12.  Lighter, stiffer and smoother than most carbon frames, its not just the finest alloy racing bike ever made, its the only choice for those who know.

Cannondale Endurance Race

Synapse Hi-Mod and Carbon

Built for big rides and long days in the saddle, the new Synapse offers full race performance, all-day geometry, wide-ranging capabilities and a micro-suspension system that isolates you from bumps without isolating you from the experience.  It's a true endurance machine, for true endurance riders.

Synapse Hi-Mod

CD Synapse Hi-Mod 2018

Synapse Carbon

CD Synapse Crb 2018

Synapse Alloy

Start out right!  On anything from fast group rides to daily commutes, the new Synapse's light weight, comfortable sportive position and smooth ride will help you ride faster, longer and ride more.

Synapse Alloy

CD Synapse Alloy